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25 January 2012 @ 23:32
Art : My Sanctuary  

A Very Overdue Belated Birthday Gift for my darling artmetica, MANY HAPPY RETURNS...GODS BLESS...I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!! (^__^)>

ENJOY!!! I don't know what I just did...LOLOL XD

IDK...serial killer vampire anything Cas with his partner in crime Dean? IDK ok...this just happened without preparation and planing! Hehee...
Feeling: amusedamused
Superhypertesseract: shanemad_server on 8th February 2012 03:48 (UTC)
The shading/colours/textures in their skin! HOLY CRAP SO GOOD.
J.E.N.Nlick_j on 8th February 2012 17:17 (UTC)
^______^ you're being too kind, darling~

Thank you! XD