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25 January 2012 @ 23:32
Art : My Sanctuary  

A Very Overdue Belated Birthday Gift for my darling artmetica, MANY HAPPY RETURNS...GODS BLESS...I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!! (^__^)>

ENJOY!!! I don't know what I just did...LOLOL XD

IDK...serial killer vampire anything Cas with his partner in crime Dean? IDK ok...this just happened without preparation and planing! Hehee...
Feeling: amusedamused
Artmeticaartmetica on 25th January 2012 17:16 (UTC)
Whaaaaa a birthday gift?! That's a really hot piece! Thank you thank youuu! XD XD
UNF vampire Cas sounds sexy, Dean might be his kept food source :p

And Jenn I remember you not being fond of top!Cas, thank you very much for this I really appreciate it!!! ^^ ♥ ♥ ♥

Gila... darahnya~ hahaha
J.E.N.N: Securitylick_j on 25th January 2012 17:21 (UTC)

AAAAGH so happy you like this one ^____^

I need moar top!Cas in my life somehow~

Mestinya Dean gw bikin tato hand-print ya? LOL welp~
(Deleted comment)
(untitled) - lick_j on 26th January 2012 02:45 (UTC) (Expand)
sarkywoman: SPN - suck it Deansarkywoman on 25th January 2012 17:42 (UTC)
UNF. That's all I can think of to describe this piece of hotness. I blame my little kinks of top!Cas and bloodplay but seriously. UNF.
J.E.N.N: sexy beastlick_j on 25th January 2012 18:06 (UTC)

XD those are real great combination, I have to say!
petite_madamepetite_madame on 25th January 2012 17:56 (UTC)
What a beautiful art!! I LOVE the idea of the wings in Castiel's back. ♥

ENJOY!!! I don't know what I just did...LOLOL XD
You just did a great art ^^
Very hot!
J.E.N.Nlick_j on 25th January 2012 18:00 (UTC)
Merci, darling!!!

Behold my elite technique on wings drawing~ hahahaa

This was inspired by one particular art I saw on tumblr (which I can no longer recall who did it anymore) of Cas having this HUUUUGE ASS wing tattoo on his back...

Bus since I am basically still learning how to draw anatomy and prespecttive corectly...this will make do ^^;;

Morgan O'Conner: SPN Dean and Cas nostalgia by temporalramorganoconner on 25th January 2012 18:28 (UTC)
Excuse me while I go die from OMG SO FREAKING HOT, GUH

J.E.N.Nlick_j on 26th January 2012 03:45 (UTC)

squee...thank you~ :D
canttakemealivebrunax5 on 25th January 2012 19:09 (UTC)
Lord this is gorgeous, and given I happen to have a tattoo of angel wings on my shoulderblades this drawing is doing funny, funny things to me LOL
J.E.N.Nlick_j on 26th January 2012 03:48 (UTC)

Omg you should show me your tattoo!!!!! I have a thing towards wing tattoo~
rumi_nyorumi_nyo on 25th January 2012 20:45 (UTC)
Ooooh, this is hot! Great work. ^_^
J.E.N.Nlick_j on 26th January 2012 03:49 (UTC)
Thank youuuuu~

I'm so happy people seem to enjoy this...on to the next porn...lol
(Deleted comment)
J.E.N.Nlick_j on 26th January 2012 03:43 (UTC)

top!cas with blood seems to be in popular demand...maaaybe I will make more...

mozzarellarosesmozzarellaroses on 25th January 2012 22:51 (UTC)
Rawr that is hot :3 And I LOVE THE WING TATTOOS. Real nice.
J.E.N.Nlick_j on 26th January 2012 03:40 (UTC)
*squee* thank you!!

(Altho I can't help but ask...is your icon Arthur and Eames by any chance? LOL)
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(untitled) - lick_j on 26th January 2012 09:11 (UTC) (Expand)
(untitled) - mozzarellaroses on 26th January 2012 09:48 (UTC) (Expand)
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jem_018jem_018 on 26th January 2012 17:31 (UTC)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

J.E.N.Nlick_j on 28th January 2012 03:20 (UTC)
OH NO....don't die!! ^^;
Taoleetaolee on 26th January 2012 17:45 (UTC)
J.E.N.Nlick_j on 28th January 2012 02:34 (UTC)
Thank you

the dark foretolddarkforetold on 26th January 2012 20:19 (UTC)
Fantastic! <3
J.E.N.Nlick_j on 28th January 2012 02:40 (UTC)
So happy you like it ^___________^
(Deleted comment)
J.E.N.Nlick_j on 28th January 2012 02:50 (UTC)
*blush* thank you very much, darling~
dimensionallyt on 27th January 2012 19:14 (UTC)
Big fan of top!Cas and bloodplay so seriously, this has WIN all over it.

Absolutely gorgeous!

If I didn't use my laptop for work, I'd have it as my desktop.
J.E.N.Nlick_j on 28th January 2012 03:19 (UTC)
aaaah much thaaaanks!!! XD If you want a proper wallpaper size just let me knw ;)
Superhypertesseract: shanemad_server on 8th February 2012 03:48 (UTC)
The shading/colours/textures in their skin! HOLY CRAP SO GOOD.
J.E.N.Nlick_j on 8th February 2012 17:17 (UTC)
^______^ you're being too kind, darling~

Thank you! XD